About Vaayun

Vaayun Cargo Logistics Pvt Ltd has embraced our mission to provide outstanding transportation and logistics services for cargo of any size, moving to any location, while exceeding customer expectations in quality, service and price. We create services that are innovative and adaptable towards your supply chain needs. For us, logistics is not just a service but an opportunity to create solutions that empower businesses globally. We are committed towards creating benchmarks of quality and consistency to co-create value for all our stakeholders. We don’t limit our challenges, instead we challenge our limits. We make it happen.

Why Us?

  • - Mr. Shantha Raju
    I am highly impressed with the professionalism and passion of people in this warehouse. I am proud of you all. Keep it up.
    - Mr. Shantha Raju
  • - Ms. Preeti Sadarangani
    Very well organized operations, modern warehouses are very neat & clean. My heartiest congratulation to Vaayun Team.
    - Ms. Preeti Sadarangani
  • - Mr. Cui Yan
    Very nice process and monitoring. Tracking of goods movement & OPS is commendable.
    - Mr. Cui Yan


We at Vaayun ensure on time delivery of your cargo with our nationwide network and excellent services.


We provide 100% customized services, based on the personal needs and requirements of our customers.

Our Clients